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Save Finedon Library

Lead petitioner : Tony Robinson

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Status: Closed


Do not close Finedon Library as it provides a vital service to the residents of Finedon and is hugely important for children and elderly users who have no means of travelling to any alternative library.

Background information

Based on erroneous data, it has been proposed the the Council can save a massive 25k per annum by removing a vital service from the residents of Finedon. This appalling proposal must be stopped as it represents a false economy and impacts those least well off in society. Libraries are a vital social ladder providing exceptional value for money - once they are gone they are never replaced. This proposal is short-termist and blinkered in the extreme and will fail to achieve its stated aims of reducing costs to the Council. The building will still need to be maintained, redundancy costs will be higher than planned, congestion and pollution (as Finedon residents are forced to travel to other libraries) will increase, local shops will lose custom & close (less Business Rates collected).

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The Council says:
Dear Mr Robinson FINEDON LIBRARY PETITION Thank you for your e- petition to keep Finedon Library open. Regrettably the County Council is facing unprecedented pressure on its budget following huge cuts in government grants that have forced the council to reduce the cost of all its services including libraries. In 2011/12 alone we have to save £68million so we are having to put forward a range of challenging proposals about potential cuts to services. As part of this we are consulting the public on eight potential library closures including Finedon . The final decision on the budget is agreed at the Full Council meeting on 24 February 2011. Our Cabinet member Councillor Andre Gonzalez de Savage wishes you to know that while he does not live in Finedon as the local councillor for the East Hunsbury Division he does understand how much libraries are valued and used by local people. He knows too just how much they are used by our children and young people. We have put forward proposals that affect the fewest number of people possible by selecting those libraries where there is a high proportion of people who also use other libraries. We appreciate this situation is far from ideal these are not choices we want to make, they are choices we have to make. We do want to hear from local people about the impact of these proposals in their areas. The notes of the public meeting at Finedon Library are available at the library and will feed into the consultation process together with your petition. With thanks again for your petition concerning the impact this proposal would have in Finedon. Kind regards, Cllr Jim Harker Leader Northamptonshire County Council Paul Blantern Chief Executive Northamptonshire County Council
Lead petitioner says:
Thanks for your feedback and decision to keep all libraries open. Closing Finedon library would be a false economy. Over half the running costs relate to the property which is owned by W'boro Council so there is no savings for Council Tax payers - an empty building is more expensive to maintain as it is more likely to be vandalised. The rest of the running costs relate to staff but there is not a permenant librarian in Finedon (covered from the overall pool). It costs more to the tax payer for a librarian to be on the dole than to be working part-time. In reality there are no cost savings to be made as the library is already extremely cheap to run. Targeting cuts to services that affect the most vulnerable rather than sharing the burden across the County through Council Tax contributions will only serve to accentuate the already dangerous gap between the richest and poorest in society - creating ghettos in a supposedly prosperous county. Libraries are particularly effective in providing a social ladder and levelling the playing field. Closing libraries is a form of child abuse and the consequences for pensioners are often devastating. I welcome the recent decision to keep all libraries open and hope that over the long term the county will continue to invest in them as they provide unparalled value for money and save social costs.