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Stop Budget Cuts

Lead petitioner : Anjona Roy

Status: New > Draft > Rejected > Accepted > Collecting signatures > Awaiting submission > Submitted > Pending owner response > Closed > Withdrawn

Status: Awaiting submission


1) No more cuts in your budget
2) Keep all services publically owned and locally accountable - put peoples needs before the profits
3) Demand the return of funding by central government required to meet the needs of Northamptonshire people

Background information

Stop the cuts in the Northamptonshire County Council budget which:
1. cuts services affecting libraries, bus subsidies highway and winter highway maintenance
2. eliminates jobs and
3. transfers vital services to the private sector
Northamptonshire County Council is making plans to:
1. axe mental health services
2. destabilise children centre services that have recently moved to libraries after the recent closure of children centres
3. severe reductions in public health services and
Please sign the petition and pass it on to friends and family to do the same.
Further information about the proposed budget cuts can be found on the link below.

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